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The Blk Out Fest aims to be as accessible as possible for a bouldering event. We are a small business with limited resources but we work to feature spaces and experiences that are highly inclusive. Please see below for all accessibility details. 


LODGINg info

The property where most of the festival activities are held (including lodging) feature the following:

  • ADA parking at the assembly hall and bath house

  • Ramp access to bath house & showers with shower bench

  • Ramp access to bunkhouse with restroom nearby (please request during registration)

  • Ramp to pavilion area

  • Paved roadway to navigate between spaces

CRAG info

The climbing area features a variety of terrain. Like most bouldering areas, it is not wheelchair accessible. While most landing pads are flat and well-maintained, you will experience steep and hilly areas that may be difficult to navigate when wet. There are several sections with stairs and rocky terrain. 

The overlook area is accessible via a paved road. While this is no official ADA parking, access to parking near this area can be provided upon request.



Below is an overview of how we can support accessibility requests. We hope to expand our offerings as the festival grows. If you have any questions, concerns or requests, please contact us.

  • Closed caption on all videos

  • Complementary ticket for (1) support aid

  • Support animal permitted

  • Complementary ticket for (1) ASL interpreter

  • Access to digital festival guide and agenda

  • Our menu will feature all plant-based options. We will offer gluten free options

  • Please notify us of any allergies during registration

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